XIX Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics
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The Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics is a summer school organised by and aimed at Ph.D. students. The school provides blackboard lectures given by young researchers. The lectures cover core subjects that contribute to the backbone knowledge of the participants working in the field of theoretical and mathematical physics, which includes topics in General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory and String Theory.

This year marks the 19th edition of the school! As for the previous years, the ULB, VUB, KUL and UMONS will join their forces to propose a unique scientific and human experience in the heart of the Belgian countryside.

Practical information

Modave is a charming Belgian village near Huy in the natural region of Condroz. The school takes place at the centre Les Cent Fontaines, which offers a nice sanctum for physics, mathematics and many other activities.

The school takes place from the 4th to the 9th of September 2023. Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday the 3rd of September in the afternoon. A welcome drink is organised upon arrival, followed by a dinner. The lectures are given from Monday morning to Friday afternoon and social activities are organised throughout the week. Finally, departure is organized either on Friday the 8th in the evening or on Saturday the 9th in the morning.

The easiest way to reach Modave is by train. The closest train station is located at Huy and a shuttle service from and to this train station will be arranged for all the participants. More information can be found on the Belgian National Railroad Company (SNCB/NMBS) website. Also, the organising committee remains available at all time to discuss practical details.

For any further information, please contact us at modaveschool@gmail.com !

The school's program is already available here!

Organizing committee

Ankit Aggarwal (ULB), Sergio Ernesto Aguilar Gutierrez (KUL), Ismael Ahlouche Lahlali (UMONS), Lorenzo Cimino (UMONS), Cyrille Chevalier (UMONS), Victor Dehouck (UMONS), Arnaud Delfante (UMONS), Shailesh Dhasmana (UMONS), Vasko Dimitrov (KUL), Adrien Druart (ULB), José Figueroa Silva (ULB), Dima Fontaine (ULB), Yegor Goncharov (UMONS), Philip Hacker (VUB), Dongming He (VUB), Sahaja Kanuri (ULB), Joel Karlsson (KUL), Maria Knysh (VUB), Lorenzo Küchler (ULB/KUL), Guillaume Lhost (UMONS), Simon Maenaut (KUL), Ludovico Machet (ULB/KUL), Louan Mol (ULB), Josh O’Connor (UMONS), Arthur Offermans (KUL), Noémie Parrini (UMONS), Gabrielle Pascuzzi (VUB), Maxim Pavlov (VUB), Simon Pekar (UMONS), Sébastien Reymond (KUL), Mattia Serrani (UMONS), Antoine Somerhausen (ULB), Colin Sterckx (ULB), Arsenii Sukhanov (UMONS), Wendi Tan (ULB), Rob Tielemans (KUL), Richard van Dongen (UMONS), Romain Vandepopeliere (ULB), Quentin Vandermiers (ULB), Vincent Van Hemelryck (KUL), Annelien Vekemans (KUL), Milan Wils (KUL), Xuao Zhang (KUL) and Sofia Zhidkova (VUB).

Sponsors of the Modave Summer School

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following sponsors:


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